VR Skills Training for Nursing and Allied Health

Practical VR Experiences That Strengthen Career Pathways

Learn Healthcare Skills in VR

VRNA uses a fully immersive virtual reality experience to increase the effectiveness and lower the cost of teaching patient care skills. VRNA functions as a supplement to lab instruction, helping to reduce the material and preparatory burdens on instructors while keeping students engaged in lab content. This provides students with an independent and practical method of learning the hands-on skills needed for career certifications.

Faster, Safer, & Cost-Effective

Packaged in a compact all-in-one VR headset, VRNA offers a simulated environment where trainees can practice and develop the skills to progress in their chosen career path. Students in VRNA are asked to perform essential job skills step-by-step. As they practice, VRNA provides personalized performance feedback and assessments that are immediately shared with their instructors. This immersive and interactive tool provides a realistic and safe environment for students to gain hands-on experience, improve their skills competency, and enhance their job-readiness for real-world patient care situations.

VRNA Hardware

What is VRNA?

VRNA is a virtual reality skills training experience for nursing and allied health careers. VRNA has modules available for CNA and EMS skills training. VRNA provides a practical method of learning complex procedures in a low-risk, virtual environment that enhances skills competency and builds confidence.

VRNA using video
Discover the Power of VR in healthcare training with VRNA's immersive modules for CNAs and emergency responders. VRNA provides an easy-to-use and accessible way for healthcare students to practice job-critical skills in a safe and controlled classroom setting.
VRNA using video
VRNA - Step by Step Progress Tracking
Learn and Practice Skills in realistic scenarios and guided activities without real-world risks. Detailed performance reports at the end of every scenario outline what was done well and where improvements can be made.
VRNA - Step by Step Progress Tracking
Gain Practical Experience and prepare for real-life scenarios with the tools, people, and places you'll experience on the job. VRNA offers an interactive space to hone your skills and ensure you're well-prepared when it counts.
Performance Results
Uncover Performance Insights with VRNA's built-in progress tracking. Save time for both learners and instructors by getting feedback immediately, managing classes easily, and gaining insights quickly in the Performance Portal®.
Performance Results
VRNA - Hands On Activities
Get Hands-On Experience and develop muscle memory without leaving the classroom. VRNA's VR training reimagines healthcare education and engages powerful techniques that help students learn skills safer and faster.
VRNA - Hands On Activities
Build Confidence and Competency in high-pressure situations by learning to make the right decisions quickly to provide critical care.
VRNA - Environmental Cues
Master Key Job Skills in a fully immersive and interactive environment. VRNA's VR training bridges the gap between theory and practice, making healthcare career training more accessible and engaging.
VRNA - Environmental Cues

How You Can Use VRNA

Lab Practice

VRNA EMS - Check Vitals

VRNA provides students with a practical method of learning the hands-on skills needed for certification testing. VRNA's content aligns with the state-requirements for CNA and EMS certifications across the US.

Career Awareness

VRNA Screenshot - Interactive Environment

Attract, engage, and inform students about viable careers in healthcare programs. VRNA's portable and hands-on experiences make it a great addition to any recruitment or outreach efforts.

Remote Access

VRNA EMS - Immobilization

Access VRNA's virtual skills labs in the classroom, at home, or virtually anywhere with open space and a stable Wi-Fi connection.


VRNA Screenshot - Step by Step Progress Tracking

VRNA’s technology is easy-to-use and accessible, allowing users to conveniently refresh and practice essential skills through bite-sized and consumable scenarios.

How VRNA Benefits You

VRNA - Female User

Empower Instructors

Teach patient care in an immersive, low-risk environment
Create blended learning opportunities
Simplify evaluation and progress measures

Build Confidence and Competence

Develop students' procedural competency
Incorporate active micro-learning opportunities
Build skills confidence with motor memory

Create Equitable Learning Opportunities

Use data and reporting to ensure equity
Adapt with real-time reports on student skills and success
Facilitate individual learning opportunities
Support education program accessibility for in-person and distance learning

Reduce Program Costs

Lab Setup (e.g. hospital beds, mannequins) – $30,000+
Disposable training materials and supplies – $1,000+
Free up instructor time spent on skills prep/clean up – $10,800+

What’s In the Box:

VRNA comes with:

- VR Headsets, each pre-loaded with VRNA software
- 2 Controllers per Headset (left and right)
- User Documentation (printed)


- Language: English and Spanish
- Written and spoken task instruction
- Automatic progress reporting (Wi-Fi required)

Also included in every purchase:

- Access to Performance Portal® for teachers and students to track progress
- Digital support resources and videos
- On-call, US-based customer support from the VRSim team

VRNA - in the box

Not for individual sale or purchase.

+ Skills

Skills Coverage:

Ambulation Assist (Cane)

Ambulation Assist (Crutches)

Ambulation Assist (Walker)

Assist with Anti-Embolism Stockings

Bed Bath

Bedpan Assist

Blood Pressure

Catheter Care

Collect Urine Sample

Denture Care


Hand Hygiene & Gloving

Height and Weight

Indirect Care

Making an Occupied Bed

Making an Unoccupied Bed

Massage Back

Meal Assist

Measure Intake and Output

Mouth Care Conscious

Mouth Care Unconscious

Nail Care

Obstructed Airway

Passive Range of Motion

Perineal Care

Positioning Side

Positioning Supine

Pulse and Respiration


Shower Assist

Temperature (Axillary)

Temperature (Oral)

Temperature (Tympanic)

Transfer Assist

Urinal Assist

VRNA - in the box

Not for individual sale or purchase.

What’s In the Box:

VRNA comes with:

- VR Headsets, each pre-loaded with VRNA software
- 2 Controllers per Headset (left and right)
- User Documentation (printed)


- Language: English, Spanish
- Written procedure instructions
- Automatic progress reporting

Also included in every purchase:

- Access to Performance Portal® for teachers and students to track progress
- Digital support resources and videos
- On-call, US-based customer support from the VRSim team

+ Skills

Skills Coverage:


Assist with Non-Complicated Childbirth

BVM Ventilation of an Apneic Adult

Bleeding Control / Shock Management

Long-Bone Immobilization

Oxygen Administration by NRB

Joint Immobilization

Patient Assessment - Trauma

Patient Assessment - Medical

Spinal Immobilization of Seated Patient

Spinal Immobilization of Supine Patient

Vehicle Extrication

“Students look at getting to work with VRNA [CNA] as a sort of reward, not realizing that I am using it as a ‘summative practice’. They WANT to learn each individual skill well enough to advance to VRNA practice.”

- CNA Instructor in Pennsylvania

“It seems to be a less intimidating learning environment for them, and they see it as a fun activity.”

 - CNA Instructor in Massachusetts

“It’s [VRNA EMS’s] going to give students a better understanding of the skills that they need in order to finish the state- and national-level certification tests.”

- Criminal Justice Instructor in Connecticut

Study-Backed Learning Model

VRNA uses a proven learning model that VRSim has refined through 20+ years working in the skilled trades. Our 2022 research study from Iowa State University demonstrates multi-faceted benefits of teaching with VRNA:


25% Faster Cognitive Development

Students learned skills and progressed successfully through content faster. Experiences in VRNA contributed to technical skill development as well as soft-skill development.


20% More Time for Hands-On Practice

Students had great access and capacity to practice, without relying on the instructor to set up mannequins or oversee interactions with fellow students.


More Likely to Discuss Ways to Improve

VR's novelty and engaging nature inspired open discourse amongst students, promoting collaboration and strengthening communication and inter-personal skills.


Equal Physiological Engagement

Kinesthetic engagement is a strong aspect of learning. VRNA provides a way to marry classroom theory and procedure with gross motor skill development, strengthening knowledge retention.

Save Time.

Improve Outcomes.

Reduce Costs.

Support Resources

Support for VRNA is available through the Performance Portal. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have further questions, contact us using the contact information below. Our team will assist you with questions or support requests.

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